About Us

It all began with Ollie ... the creative Matriarch of our family.  Ollie was my sassy Mammaw, my maternal grandmother.  She was a force to be reckoned with yet she had the biggest heart, she was the most talkative person I ever knew (no filter whatsoever), she was funny even when she wasn't meaning to be, and she could make or do anything she set her mind to even though she only had a sixth grade education.  She was very creative and believed in making things with her own hands whether it was a meal made from scratch with homegrown vegetables, or clothes made from her own patterns.  She also taught herself how to smock, quilt and knit.  She said once that she would rather sew than eat.  After living through the depression years, she became a determined woman that didn't shy away from doing whatever it took to take care of her family.  At one time in her life, she found herself raising her children alone in a tent located on a friend's land.  In her lifetime, she helped raise 13 children, some her own, some through a blended marriage, but in the end they all considered her a beloved mother figure to them.  Family was everything to her and she loved to nurture everyone whether they asked for it or not!  

Ollie was born on January 25, 1914 and went to heaven on December 22, 2006. She will always be remembered for her characteristics of strength in the face of hardships, and resolve to overcome all obstacles and fulfilling it all with an optimistic attitude through her strong faith in her Lord. 

Ollie was a big influence in our lives, she, along with my Mom, gave me the love of all things creative and making beautiful things with our hands.  Our hope is that you enjoy the products we make and see a glimmer of Ollie's legacy in them ...



Ollie with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes