• Return Policy:  Ollie & Me wants you to be 100% happy with your order, please contact us at Ollies1914@yahoo.com with any questions you may have with your order.
  • Wax melts ingredients:  Unlike toxic paraffin based wax melts that are petroleum based (crazy, huh?), Ollie & Me only uses 100% natural soy wax made from soybeans mixed with essential oil-infused fragrance oils that are phthalate/paraben free.  We also do not add toxic color dyes to our wax.  No more bright red stains on your carpet, Momma can I hear an AMEN?!?!   Plus you are helping farmers to be sustainable in the USA, how cool is that??? 
  • Scent strength:  You can control the strength of the scents based on how many wax melts you use in your wax warmers.  You can also come up with your own personal scents by mixing 2 or more scents.  If you come up with a new favorite scent, let us know, we may just add it to our fragrance line based on your inspiration!  Heck, we may even name it after your firstborn!
  • Melting Wax Melts:  For safety, Ollie & Me requests that you follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of your wax warmer device.  Maybe the instructions are in your junk drawer?

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions.  Thank you for stopping by!